Working hours
The teacher works for 40 hours per week, to be arranged by the CAD, including up to 130 academic (87 real) classroom hours per calendar month. This represents an average of 30 academic hours (1 academic hour is equal to 40 minutes) per week over 4.33 weeks (or 20 real hours over 4.33 weeks). This means that it is possible to teach more than 30 academic hours some weeks and others less, averaging out to 30 academic hours per week.

Main Responsibilities

  • Carry out the timetable of classes assigned by the CAD
  • Give lessons to the highest standards of English language teaching
  • Become familiar with the programmes and courses of study at the center
  • Develop and use suitable supplementary materials as necessary
  • Use audio / video materials in classes
  • Expose students to the use of CALL, CD-ROMs, and the Internet
  • Begin and end classes on time
  • Prepare lessons and equipment in advance for all classes
  • Become familiar with and implement the Course Management Procedures
  • Administer, correct and record the results of progress reports, tests and assessments for students
  • Substitute for absent colleagues, perhaps at short notice, on or off-site
  • Be responsible for students’ welfare and progress
  • Inform students of center aims and objectives
  • Cooperate with the COD and CAD in ensuring the constructive communication and efficient operation of the center
  • Meet regularly with the CAD to communicate all relevant information
  • Assist the CAD upon request with the development and marketing of courses and induction of sales and teaching staff into the practices of the center
  • Maintain student and class records


  • Native English Speaker
  • BA

All the new hires Base salary is RMB12000 gross No probation / after probation difference.

  • Benefits: house allowance RMB1000/month, flight RMB6000 upon finishing contract, insurance, visa, paid annual leave 10days
  • Bonus: RMB25/paid student from demo, RMB100/renewed student
  • Monthly Performance Bonus: Up to RMB600 a month (after probation):

Each month you are able to earn up to RMB600 based on your performance and teaching hours.

  • Quarterly Survey Bonus: RMB1000 based on quarterly customer satisfaction survey, retention rate and line manager review:
  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey teaching related score 8.0 plus for the classes taught
  • Holiday and sick leave:

Teachers in their first year have 10 days of paid annual leave that they are able to take. They are also able to use 5 paid sick days in the year if needed (for actual sickness). A doctor’s note MUST be provided for this to be paid, or the day will be deducted from annual leave. There is no unpaid leave in the company.

Visa cost details:

Costs school covers: 1. physical check in Beijing; 2. Visa related transportation in Beijing;

Cost to get invitation letter and work permit, residence permission. In total school covered visa cost is about RMB10,000 which will be slightly different depending on teachers’ age, country, education;

Possible visa costs teachers pay: 1. Visa fee in teachers’ own country; 2. Physical check in teachers’ own country; 3. Trip to HK to get work visa; 4. HK visa fee (Cost happens outside of Beijing)

If teacher decides to cancel their contract early, pro rata cost on teacher spend by school will be deducted from last salary payment. Work visa will be cancelled, release letter will be given to teacher, and teacher will need to leave China within 7 days, or obtain a new visa themselves to be legally in the country. It is not the responsibility of A&C to provide teachers with a legal visa if the contract is cancelled.

House allowance does not cover the full amount of rent since rent in Beijing can be hugely different.

Insurance covers accident and hospital surgery. Details will be sent upon request.