Alicia was born in Huainan Anhui province China. After high school, Alicia Majored in English and began teaching English in Huainan in 2011. Before working as a candidate placement director, Alicia taught English at the local college in Huainan.

Damion- Founder

After graduating from Florida Institute of Technology in 2012, I moved to China in 2013 to teach English in the small coal city of Huainan. After successfully inaugurating the international program in Huainan No/ 2 High School, Endeavor Group was born. In 2015 I started Endeavor group to help individuals like myself find the perfect teaching position for themselves throughout China. Since then, I have been committed to excellence and ever increasing partnerships to give our teachers we bring to China more opportunities.


Minnie was born and raised in Huainan, Anhui Province. As an English Major, Minnie developed a love for English Education. Upon graduating college, Minnie began to teach English in a local English language center.

Dana- Career Consultant

I grew up in Huainan city in Anhui Province in China. I took a liking for English language at a very young age. All throughout school I began studying English and eventually fell in love with the language. Now I have the opportunity to help foreigners from all over the world come to China to teach English.

Seris- Career Consultant

Seris was born and grew up in Huainan, a city of China. She always think about what kind of life is meaningful. Then, she found the answer. She believes that the person who creates more value to others would be rich. Now in China, Western culture is popular especially English. Seris realized that this work is a good platform for her to help more Chinese to learn western culture and go out. It was the best decision she ever made. In her free time, Seris most likes to read books. Now, she is learning to play the guitar.

Here's a few questions we usually get asked.

  • Is housing arranged?

Our schools will provide you with housing during your contract, or will provide you with a housing stipend Don’t worry! Endeavor is here to help you every step of the way, from finding an apartment, communicating with landlords, to signing a contract.

  • What are the requirements for teaching with Endeavor Group

For Endeavor, you must be able to speak English clearly. Most of our schools also require our teachers to be native English speakers along with a Bachelors Degree and be aged between 22 and 58. 


  • What costs are associated with Endeavor Group

Initially you’re responsible for paying for your flight to China, but your school will reimburse you at the completion of your contract. You also need to get your working visa, which is about USD 200. Our recruitment services are at no cost to you. 

  • I’ve never taught English before. Will I be able to do it?

If you have experience working with children, whether tutoring, teaching, coaching, or babysitting, we feel confident that you’ll be able to adopt the skills necessary to instruct a successful class. You’re also able to choose the age of your students.


  • What programs are available?

Language (English)  Sports PE, Science, Language Arts, Art


  • What benefits do I get?

Average teachers will make about $26,700 USD a year. The cost of living in China is only about $13,100 USD for a very good standard of living. Other benefits include: 1. Work Visa provided 2. Health insurance provided 3. Chinese language courses provided 4. performance bonuses available, end of contract completion bonus and end of contract flight money provided.