EF’s English language schools are spread across China in over 60 cities. Teach English at our kids & teens schools, adult centers or at our online facility. Our schools are filled with the resources you need to be a great teacher. From internet-connected classrooms to lesson planning materials, you’ll be set from day one. Are you ready for the job of a life time? ESL jobs are unlike any professional experience. While your work hours and location might be unusual, you’ll be able to travel on weekends to exotic locations and learn a new language while teaching students who are engaged and active participants.


Taking a job teaching in China gives you the best of both worlds – a strong career and an adventure. The types of teaching jobs available can vary, but at EF we make sure our teachers get exactly what they need. Whether it’s a five-year professional growth track or a job to allow exploring another corner of the world, teaching English in China with EF makes life easy and worthwhile.


Jobs at EF English First encourage you to teach English in various classroom formats, including face-to-face classes, either one to one or in small groups. Structured workshops for larger groups, and online tutorials. You’ll improve students English language ability with provided lessons and your own creative input. Have fun in a work environment that crosses cultural boundaries, breaks language barriers and encourages social activity in and out of the classroom. Today, barriers of language, culture and geography divide people around the world. Teaching English with EF will break down those barriers not only for you but also for your students. The programs and courses we offer our students truly change lives. By teaching abroad with EF, you can help people of all nationalities and ages get better jobs, participate in the global economy and become citizens of the world.


Although you may be teaching in the classroom alone, it doesn’t mean you’re not a valuable member of a larger team. We’re very keen on knowledge sharing and creating an environment where people love to work.
As part of the team, you will have weekly CPD (Continuous Professional Development) sessions, you will help your colleagues out, and they will help you out. From time to time, EF will even sponsor a team building activity. You can go and grab some food and drinks together, try some cool activities and bond with your new work mates.


Training and development is a big part of being an EF teacher. As our mission is to open up the world through education, we like to share this with everyone. In your first few weeks, you will go through onboarding training. This will be an introduction to teaching local learners, followed by a refresher on teaching methodologies that you covered in your TEFL course.
Training doesn’t stop there though. You will have weekly CPD (continual professional development) sessions in your centre, and you can even enrol in our free teacher training courses, or enrol in a sponsored internationally recognized teaching qualification.


As a teacher, you will teach regular schedules for 5 consecutive days each week. This means that you can get into a regular schedule and plan exciting trips on your days off, relax or pursue any hobbies and interests.
Although most teachers work weekends, you will soon find that this isn’t too much of an issue. You will find that your other friends and colleagues who are also teachers will share similar days off. You can visit the same places you would at the weekends but without the crowds.


About Our Teachers

EF Teachers have an infectious spirit. Whether it’s helping a student pronouncing new vocabulary or exploring their city, we all embrace the enjoyment and spontaneity that comes along with working abroad. Teaching abroad with EF gives you the perspective and confidence to help you reach your goals

Flight Upfront

Teach English with EF English First at one of our English Language schools in China, and we will pay for your flight. All positions come with comprehensive benefits packages and competitive local salaries.

The Culture

The first thing everyone notices when they join EF English First is our company culture. From our HQ in Shanghai to our schools around the country, EFer’s seem to share the same love for fun, adventure and teaching. Our schools and offices have been specifically designed to make the working environment relaxed and open, and that’s the way our teams work.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • Native English Speaker
  • A TEFL Certification (EF TEFL sponsorship available)
  • The ability to obtain a clear background check

Benefits Package

  • Excellent salary: 12,000 to 14,000 RMB depending on qualifications, experience and school location
  • Accommodation: free shared Western style accommodations, near the school or a housing allowance (depending on the city/school)
  • Flight allowance: 7,000 – 10,000 RMB
  • Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided
  • Annual leave: 10 paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays
  • Insurance: company health insurance (Aetna Life)
  • Certification through Cambridge University
  • On-going professional development and training
  • Promotion opportunities within the global EF network